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Furniture Lift Rental – Montpellier

Rent a furniture lift at LES DÉMÉNAGEMENTS CULLELL for your relocation project.

We are located in Campagne, near Montpellier, Nîmes and Castelnau-le-Lez.

The right materials for a successful move

By renting furniture lifts, we provide turnkey solutions to assist you with your furniture removal project. We offer different types of equipment to fully protect your goods during the process. You can choose from a classic, towed and detachable furniture lift. All our cranes can be operated in the most difficult to access areas. Moreover, we advise and help you select the appropriate materials to suit your needs.

Our equipment is operational in the most difficult to access places.
Monte-meubles Montpellier

Experienced technicians

Our experienced relocation technicians remain at your service to complete your project with maximum efficiency.

In addition to packaging and furniture storage, we also install the furniture lift, its handling, and ensure the loading and unloading of the nacelle.

We guarantee fast, reliable and professional service.

We specialise in all types of moves: for individuals, professionals, military...

Benefit from a fast, reliable and efficient removal service.

We offer competitive rates varying according to the duration of the hire;

  • Per hour
  • Half-day
  • Per day

Book your furniture lift now.

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