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Removals to the United Kingdom

International moving to or from the UK !

Are you wondering about moving to the UK after Brexit ?


In the UK the regulations governing transport and removals are different from those in France and Europe, so we've been able to adapt and obtain the various permits and qualifications needed to operate in the UK.

London, Nottingham, Cambridge, Oxford, Manchester, Yeovil, Glasgow and many others are cities where we have moved in and out of.

We've been moving to this destination for many years, so we'll be happy to share our experience with you!

Are you ready to cross new frontiers ?

If you're planning an international move to the UK, we're here to help you get through it!

As a removal company specialising in international services, we understand how exciting and stressful moving abroad can be.


That's why we're with you every step of the way!
Since the Brexit, customs formalities have appeared ! 
Some people give up on moving to the UK because of the administrative procedures, which can be very onerous ...

With us, you can move to the UK with peace of mind because we take care of all the customs formalities.

We work with a customs agent based on both sides of the Channel who has full control of the necessary documentation.

If you're interested and would like more information, don't hesitate!
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We welcome any questions you may have about our removal services.

A stress-free move from Montpellier to Nottingham : Our commitment to comfort!

Montpellier, France - Nottingham, United Kingdom

Our removals team recently completed a job that started in sunny Montpellier, crossed the Channel and moved to Nottingham, giving our customers a smooth transition to their new home.

With a total volume of 30m3 to move, our experts took care of every detail, ensuring a smooth and stress-free moving experience.

By opting for our "Grand Confort" service, the customer has chosen total peace of mind.

Our movers have carefully packed every item from home to Montpellier, ensuring maximum protection for the journey across France to the UK.

On arrival in Nottingham, our dedicated team took care of the unpacking of fragile items, making our customers feel at home straight away.

Our commitment to our customers' comfort goes beyond simply transporting goods, because we understand that every item has sentimental value.

Customs formalities can often be a source of stress when moving internationally, but our team has taken care of all the procedures, easing the administrative burden for our customers. We believe in simplicity for our customers, and pride ourselves on making every step of the process as easy as possible.

At Les déménagements Cullell we see every move as an opportunity to create a positive and memorable experience for our customers.

Our commitment to quality service and attention to detail make us the ideal partner for all types of move, from the smallest to the most complex.

To find out more about our services and how we can make your next move as stress-free as possible, please contact us.

We're here to help you navigate every step of this new chapter with confidence and peace of mind !


Moving from London to Montpellier

Moving house is often an important step in life, but when it involves a change of country, it becomes an even more significant adventure!

This is the case for a young couple in their forties who have decided to move from London to Montpellier.

Their main motivation lies in professional opportunities, but they also aspire to a change of lifestyle.

The VIP package: all in one !

With a volume of 35 cubic metres to move, they opted for the VIP luxury package, which offers complete handling of every stage of the process, from boxing to unpacking, and even customs formalities, thus easing the mental burden associated with such a change.

A Choice of Life and Career

The couple, both in their forties, decided to make the leap from bustling London to the charming town of Montpellier.                                              

With  déménagements Cullell, your project becomes their priority ! 

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further information.

International relocation: From Chapelle Nord to Marseillan

With the company the removals Cullell : Fulfilling a Seaside Dream For a family from North la Chapel, England, the idea of turning their vacation home in Marseillan, France, into a Mediterranean haven during their holidays was a challenge! With Cullell Removals, this transition was successfully achieved.

A Trusted Family Business The movers Cullell  team excelled in simplifying this complex international move. Beyond mere transportation, they expertly handled customs duties, relieving the family of any administrative hassle.

The international move from North la Chapel to Marseillan was not just a change of location for their vacations but a dream come true. The family could finally focus on creating memories in their coastal paradise.

With the moving conpany Cullell , your project is our priority! If you need further information, feel free to contact us via email at or by phone + 33 4 67 10 01 89