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Find at Les Déménagements Cullell in Mudaison different types of quality packing materials.

Sale of all kinds of packing materials for Removals in Mudaison

We have all kinds of packaging for sale for your move in France or abroad: standard cardboard, book cardboard, adhesives, wardrobe cardboard, rolls of bullpack, stretch film, mattress covers and more.

Our rates per unit (incl. VAT):

  • Wardrobe box: €8.50
  • Standard cardboard box: €1.15
  • Cardboard boxes for books: €0.85
  • Glassware moving boxes: €10.25
  • Adhesive tape: €1.30
  • Stretch film: €10.00
  • Mattress cover (100 cm): €2.60
  • Mattress cover (140 cm): €4.00
  • Mattress cover (160 cm): €5.00
  • 50 cm x 100 m roll: €16.00
  • 1 m x 100 m roll: €32.00

We also offer many other services on request, such as furniture lift hire, moving for homeowners and company relocation.

Packing Mudaison

Sale of packing parcels and military personnel Removals

Over the years, we have also specialised in the relocation of military personnel and gendarme. We are familiar with the moving procedures of the army.

We have thus provided specific services to the military and gendarmes according to their entitled volume:

  • Relocation of furniture
  • Furniture storage
  • Vehicle shipping
  • Payment methods adapted to refund procedures

Move safely with Les Déménagements Cullell's packing services and complete packages in Mudaison

Packing Montpellier

Insurance for your move

LES DÉMÉNAGEMENTS CULLELL has partnered with AXA, a renowned insurer, to protect your goods. You can choose between two types of moving insurances: contract insurance and damage insurance.

Damage insurance

In this type of contract, the insurance company provides compensation for any damage or loss related to the move, regardless of the cause. Just like with the contractual insurance, the “value declaration” form must be completed and delivered to the service provider before the move.

Contract insurance

It automatically includes some other contracts. In this case, the company’s duty is to move all furniture and objects entrusted to it, except in case of natural disasters, riots, attacks, strikes, damage caused by third parties to the moving company.

For the contract to be valid, it is important to fill in the document called “value declaration” and return it to your service provider before the move. In the value declaration form, you must list all the goods of more than € 360 that have to be moved. The total value of the items to be insured must not exceed the limit defined in your contract. You can increase the maximum amount if necessary.


The client’s fault, a vice of the item, malfunctions of electrical, mechanical, computing, musical devices, out of tune piano and other objects.

Cleaning before inventory

After your move, your old home must be cleaned. Give yourself no trouble and let us take care of it.

We carry out all necessary cleaning work, from simple sweeping to complete cleaning. Our team also takes care of your waste and bulky debris removal needs. You can then conduct your inventory without any hassle.

A practical and effective solution to make your move much less tiring!

Our services
  • Relocation of homeowners and businesses
  • International relocation
  • Furniture lift rental
  • Furniture storage service
  • Transport services
Our strengths
  • Extensive experience
  • Competitive rates
  • Free quote
  • Modern and high-performance equipment
  • Eco-friendly company
  • Payment in 4 instalments
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We operate in Mudaison, Montpellier, Nîmes and throughout Europe, including Spain, Italy, Belgium, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Ireland, Germany and Switzerland.

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