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From: Aurélie - On 10/10/2016

Message: I recommend Les Déménageurs Cullell for their efficiency, friendly team and professionalism. Throughout the relocation, they were attentive and accommodating.

From: Daniel - On: 29/06/2016

Message: Everything is clear from start to finish, from Montpellier to Vannes, the prices, the services and supplies, a very professional and friendly team that ensures the removal and moving, unlike other major brands. See you next time, and a big thank you to all

From: Veronique - On: 6/21/2016

 Thank you for the quality moving service provided by your company. Your two movers were punctual and very professional. I have already used your services twice, both personally and professionally, and know that I can rely on your expertise. Thank you very much

From: Daniel and Francoise - On: 29/05/2016

Successful relocation. Stressed by this new move just five months after the last one, this company was strongly recommended to us by the previous owner. And he was right! Very quickly, we saw how reliable the company was. The team of 4 movers were on-time, cautious and professional. They worked quickly and efficiently. One word: excellent. In turn, we highly recommend their services. Word of mouth always works. I would add that their rates are very competitive.

From: Jean - On 15/03/2016

Message: A friendly and dedicated team for a trouble-free move at very competitive rates. Choose the “grand confort” package! Thank you.

From: Mr and Mrs Mercier On: 13/03/2016

Message: Hello to the whole team of movers. We would like to thank you for the services you provided during our long-distance move.

From: Antony On: 11/03/2016

Message: Top-quality relocation, competent people, very professional and friendly team. I highly recommend them. Thank you Déménagements Cullell.

From: Julie - On: 08/03/2016

Message: The Castries-Toulouse move went very well. Very professional and friendly team with prices more than competitive. You can trust them blindly.

From: Sylvie - On: 20/03/2015

Everything went well from start to finish: a professional, cheerful, very friendly team. Price more than competitive. I will recommend your company without hesitation. Thank you

From: Vacher Martine - On: 15/03/2015

A very dynamic team, headed by Mr Cullell and Christian for this big move. They were very reassuring and friendly during the relocation process, which is not necessarily easy. We will definitely seek their services again for the next move…

From: Vaché Martine - On: 14/03/2015

March 4 departure from Montpellier via Cassis for the next day

It was our second move, and it was as if we met with friends who were very professional movers.

From: Jean-Baptiste and Caroline - On: 25/02/2015

A Cergy-Montpellier move that went very well. However, because of the bad weather in Cergy, the truck could not pass in the cul-de-sac in Montpellier.

We had to make several trips with a van to get the furniture and goods at the right house.

In short, a complicated move and yet the team of Mr Cullell was very competent, careful, and above, all very kind and eager to do well all along.

Besides, the rates were very affordable. I will not hesitate to recommend them to our acquaintances and friends, that's for sure! Thanks again to the team!

From: Damian - On: 12/05/2014

A very professional and friendly team, competitive prices, a family feel, which is the best when you move in and relocate (We will call you again).

Thank you for your caring service.

From: Christine, Bruno and the twins - On: 01/12/2014

The best of the best!!! Efficient, professional, competent, available, all at a very competitive price!! A special word for "potager" and "patachoux" who’ll know who they are. We appreciated your help very much. Thank you to Mr and Mrs Cullell as well.

If you have any doubts, do not hesitate. They are the team of movers that you need!

From: Martine Vacher - On: 10/19/2014

Removal of the 29 08. 2014

Honest, efficient, kind, respectful and caring for the client and his belongings. I’m moving again soon, and they will help me once again in this complicated relocation, farther away.

From: Patricia & Christophe - On: 30/06/2014

Les Déménagements Cullell is a real pro.

From: Sarah and Ludo - On: 26/06/2014

You were perfect. Your team was very professional, and I highly recommend your services.

Thanks to Déménagements CULLEL

From: Sarah and Ludo - On: 15/06/2014

Thank you and your team for your prompt response and efficiency. We will definitely recommend you to others.

From: Danielle and André - On: 16/03/2014

This is a company that honours its estimate, commitments, schedules. The team was very friendly and polite. They shifted our furniture several times when we were moving in before we found the right place. Always kind and helpful. The movers didn’t break anything. Only one glass broke, not by the movers... but by us. YES, WE RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY. Thank you.

From: Babette - On: 05/02/2014

I was delighted with the quality and reliability of the service offered by your company. Be sure that a very complimentary review will be done for you through word of mouth.

Thanks to your movers, who were both quick and efficient.

From: REGIONAL HEALTH AGENCY LR - On: 09/12/2013

The relocation of our head office took place from 2 to 4 December 2013 under excellent conditions. Your patience and care during this move were very appreciated by all officers concerned. Thank you for your professionalism

Véronique Poignard

Assistant to the DA.G.

From: Stéphanie - On: 18/11/2013

We highly recommend this company that has allowed us to move in a stress-free and organised manner.

Thanks again to the whole team!!!!

From: Christine – On: 08/10/2013

We have sought the services of CULLELL several times. I wish to thank them for their professionalism. They delivered a perfect relocation service every time. I highly recommend this company for its competitive rates and serious team. Only positive comments ++++

From: Yann – On: 25/03/2013

Memories of a relocation at the end of January 2013: A professional move, efficient, competent and friendly team. Equipped with adapted materials: padding, protectors, etc. + a lift (practical for an apartment on the 4th floor, without elevator).

A trusted company whose contact details you need to keep. I highly recommend them ++

From: Jacques – On: 05/03/2013

We moved on 25/02/2013 from Montpellier to Mauguio. We wish to thank this company for its professionalism and know-how. They honour their commitments and offer excellent value for money. We strongly recommend them. If we ever need to relocate again, we will definitely seek your services.

From: Jeannine – On: 04/03/2013

A professional and friendly team offering excellent services. I highly recommend them. I will go back to them without any hesitation if I move again. The relocation was done on 8 February 2013 from Paris.

From: John – On: 14/01/2013

We relocated on 10/01/2013. We are very happy with the professional service and friendly team. Thank you very much. We highly recommend them. John Peere

From: Laura – On: 07/01/2013

My turn to wish you the very best for 2013

May this new year bring you health, happiness and success

Thank you  for your services and professionalism



From: Drouet – On: 02/12/2012

I recently moved with CULLELL. My new home was difficult to access. I had already hired professionals in the past, but this is the best-qualified team I have ever met. They are cautious, smart, friendly and offer very competitive rates.

From: Michel – On: 22/11/2012

I highly recommend them. Very serious and meticulous. The relocation went smoothly, and we had a good laugh. And most importantly, no broken items!

From: Fergus – On: 17/11/2012

I have used Déménagements Cullell four times now for both relocation within France and international relocation. Without hesitation, can I say they are the most professional and easy-to-work-with company that I have ever come across. I have no hesitation in recommending them unreservedly.

Fergus O'Connell

From: Alexandre and Stephane – On: 17/11/2012

BRAVO and most importantly, THANK YOU for this hassle-free relocation. Everything went on smoothly in a friendly atmosphere. I highly recommend them. Thanks to the whole team.

Alexandre Mischler and Stephane Schedler

From: Isabelle – On: 17/11/2012

The relocation went smoothly. The team was great.

I will be in touch with you again for a relocation quote from Oise to Languedoc in September

From: Mr and Mrs Delabre – On: 17/11/2012

I recommend them for their speed, friendliness and help in this relocation. Thank you for everything.

From: Mrs Théron – On: 17/11/2012

Smooth relocation on 25/06/2011 by an excellent team. Very happy with the service

From: Mrs Barbe César – On: 17/11/2012

Successful relocation without any problems. Everything went smoothly, and I’m very happy with the service.

From: Mrs Dubreuil – On: 17/11/2012

Very professional relocation from start to finish.

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